Thursday, August 04, 2005


She packed my bags last night, pre-flight
Zero hour: 9AM
And I'm going to be as high as a kite by then

I wonder what it's like to look down on the Earth from a hundred-mile-high vantage point. All the troubles and worries of the world would just vanish into little atomic pinpricks on the surface of this mortal coil. And all you see around our tiny human race is an immense vast dark expanse of the heavens above, framed by the guiding light of a single star, lighting our planet with life. I remember being a kid and learning about the wonders of red-shift and white dwarfs. Heh...I used to spend afternoons taking trips in my mind to distant planets that exist only in theoretical plots of space travel, imagining a world a billion light years away with someone just like me, a bored 12-year old filipino kid reading a library sprawled on an old worn brown cut-pile carpet one hot summer afternoon... It's funny how years of dealing with the rigors of menial everyday reality manage to slowly erode away those old childhood fantasies of distant galaxies and worlds. Sometimes I like to think that somewhere out there is this parallel universe, where my soul exists untroubled and carefree, possibly enjoying a nice afternoon picnic atop a grassy mountain meadow with his soulmate, listening to the sound the cool breeze makes as it rushes through the trees, and feeling the warmth of the sun as it slowly heads for cover below the distant horizon...

But hey. Daydreaming is for procrastinators and kids on summer vacation...

21 Grams was quite an enjoyable film. The story was rather predictable, and it's quite the downer, but it was a worthwhile examination of spirituality and humanity. For some reason, no matter how jacked up their lives were, in the end you start convincing yourself that it was all for a purpose; a good purpose.

Man, this brings back some serious memories of being a geek. Oh wait, I'm still a geek. :)

Can't wait for the weekend! 1000 miles in 5 days, gonna be fun!

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At 8/05/2005 12:59 PM, Blogger laragitara said...

i know i daydream less nowadays. which is not a good thing i think... "the problems of two people don't amount to a hill of beans..."

ya gotta dream!



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