Sunday, July 24, 2005

I'm a Thumbprint on the Window of a Scryscraper

So now I understand the reference to Pinot Noir being made popular by the film Sideways. What a great film...(although I would've loved to have seen more stylized camera work). I wonder if my palate will ever develop; I'll go pick up something interesting from K&L tomorrow to see. Besides, I'm going to need something for my steak. hehehhehe.

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At 7/26/2005 11:02 AM, Blogger oj_rokk said...

I'm partial to Talbott Vineyards -- the Logan PN is an inexpensive keeper (if you like something medium-to-subtle).

And when I'm broke, I resort to any PN from Monterey county. Ha!

At 7/26/2005 4:49 PM, Blogger laragitara said...

i myself prefer a good zin with my red meat.

steak tartare anyone?



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