Saturday, July 30, 2005

God Save The Queen

And so it is
you said it would be;
Life goes easy on me,
of the time.

That was quite an enjoyable evening. Maybe my co-worker was right...earlier this week she caught me off guard and asked if I would consider being a project manager. Quite surprised, I explained how disorganized I am and how really terrible I was at time management. But thinking about the dinner tonight, it felt like a little "project" of my own...

(Man, watching Buck Rogers now on SciFi I totally forgot how really hot Erin Gray was; no wonder I had a childhood thing for her)

...There was all the planning, trying to set it up so that everything finishes at just the right time. The roast was in at 2:30, with frequent internal temperature checks throughout to get it to finish on time -- it ended up finishing at around 6:30 with lots of fiddling with the oven temperature. Then getting the roasted garlic in the oven early (they take forever!) and getting the potatoes peeled, sliced, and boiled; chives chopped; bacon cooked (which I forgot to do -- boo) . It was quite fun. But then there's that whole control freak thing that keeps me from being successful. Everything had to be done a certain way. From the au jus reduction, to washing the dishes. It's something that keeps me from being truly effective as a manager...

I didn't know they actually made a sys admin day.

Man, it's been so long since I've used 120/220 film, I spent 10 minutes staring at the open back of the Fuji 6x9 camera I borrowed, trying to figure out how to load the roll on the spool! Then realized that I was confusing the load procedure with the loadable backs of the Mamiya units (which have to be loaded in reverse). I'm excited to try this thing out.

Holy crap, Buck Rogers is so freakin' cheesy. Awesome.


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