Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Now They'll Sleep

So after dropping off the roomies at SFO at an eye-opening 3:30 this morning, I couldn't get back to sleep. Ended up staying awake 'til half past five reading the latest issue of SCC that arrived in the mail yesterday. So wouldn't you know it, I missed my 9:30 meeting and ended up rolling into work at a quite unhealthy 11AM. Watching E.R. this morning didn't help my cause either. (I still think Dr. Lewis is hot -- can't forget that first season episode with the black dress -- what is it with black dresses?)

I bet they're having loads of fun on the trip to Brazeeeeel...I'm sure they'll pull off a great set of performances as they usually do.

Fuji Velvia 50 is some bad ass film. I wish I had some scenes with intense colors to truly take advantage of it. But there is like no grain, and the color saturation is just amazing. Still can't decide on whether to go with slides or color negs. The slides definitely have potential for some amazing prints especially on the Ilford Classics, but there's a steep price to pay -- lots of bracketing, careful metering, need to use graduated ND and the right warming filters, and proper slide selection for the final print. The color negs defintely have more latitude and much more forgiving. But much too dependent on the skill and vision of the final printer. Besides, where's the fun in that? I mean best thing would be to get one of these. But that's crazy talk. Especially for a lowly amateur hobbyist like me.

Oh well. Hopefully I'll get lucky this weekend and find myself in some amazing early morning/late afternoon light that all this wouldn't matter. Can't wait!

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