Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Slow day at work. Or rather, I'm procrastinating again. :)

Chit-chatting with Shalamar, he mentioned something about bags. Very neat concept: customizable messenger bags. But hell, a hundred smackers?!? Riiight. Although, it would be funny to go make myself a La Raza bag -- Green, White, Red and then grow out my moustache just to mess with people. I still trip out at how people on my team go for months thinking I'm Latino. Damn that Spanish Inquisition! But without it, I wouldn't be having so much fun playing with the octavina at night -- it's so much more fun with a smaller instrument; the bass was just so bulky it got me lazy to practice - hell, with the octavina I'm having a blast playing one music every other night!

So IM conversations today reminded me about an observation my old college buddy had a while ago...women buy little knick knacks and guys buy big expensive shit. Sure, it's a generalization, but I still find it funny that I (literally) struggle in anguish over a $4 water bottle but pay no mind to blowing $400 on a freakin' scanner (which is still broke by the way). And get my giddies walking into a dealership for a $25K roadster but still fret over a $25 shirt. So what becomes of all these big expensive toys? Heh...that wonderful Aiwa AD-F810 tape deck that I picked up at Fedco on sale for $200 8 years ago is now a measly $30 on eBay. Ah, priorities. Maybe I should put an end to all this and go get myself a wife and 2.5 kids and a mortgage and some life insurance and a lawn mower and a white picket fence and a Dodge Caravan (the horror!) and a boat and a vacation house in Tahoe and day care and a college fund and...and...

Shit, better quit this nonsense and get my lazy ass back to work.

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