Monday, August 15, 2005

A Hardtop. With a Good Engine. And a Big Trunk.

Sin City is a good flick. I'm not a big comic book fan, but this movie delivers on all levels -- looks exactly as if I'm watching a comic book on screen...From the quick editing and the white blood, to the cool stylized camera angles and overly dramatic/cheesy dialogue. And Carla Gugino is as freakin' hot as I had imagined. :)

Having a hard time sleeping tonight...just some quick tidbits before I make another attempt at shut-eye...

Made my first foray into bb-q-ing pork & portabello mushrooms today. Got a couple of center cut boneless pork chops and a couple of big shrooms. It's actually pretty straightforward (after some help from my reference guide) -- just brush/rub with extra virgin olive oil, throw some kosher salt & pepper, and sit it on the grill. The chops weren't too difficult: 3 minutes, turn 90 degrees, 3 minutes, flip, 3 minutes, turn 90 degrees, 3 minutes, done. Even got the cool grill marks too! (Thank you Alton Brown). I got the chops on an impulse while floating around Lunardi's so didn't get the right ingredients for stuffed pork chops; will definitely do it next time. The trick is to let the chops sit for at least 10 minutes -- it keeps cookin'. Came out just right, tender and juicy, perfect with the applesauce! And the mushrooms came out great too -- just gotta figger out something to accompany it next time...maybe a bed of spinach? Or potatoes?

Damn...I really have to watch top fuel in Pomona this November. It just boggles the mind what these hunks of metal can do...60 mph in one car length; 100 mph in .8 seconds; 7000hp out of 500 cubic inches; 1320 ft in 3 seconds at over 300 miles per hour.

This movie is freakin' hilarious.

So I signed up for track time at Laguna again...they're running both bike & car groups, so Elmer's bringing up his M and the motorcycle. Never knew that the E36s can tow! Wonder how it holds up to the 500 mile trek up from San Diego. Laguna is freakin' expensive, but it's a lot of fun. Once the S2K is sold, what will I use for track outings?

Gotta get an RMA for my scanner tomorrow. Freakin' irritating that they sent me a defective one; now I gotta deal with sending it back and waiting another week or so to scan my slides. Grrrrr.

For a couple of days last week I was insanely jealous of Shalamar's new 15" Powerbook, even tempted to get one of my own -- but do I really need an Apple? No. But they sure look hella cool.

I still wonder what's going to happen to all those doomed people in BSG. One theory floating around at work is that the cylons are the humans ancestors. Hmmmm...

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At 8/15/2005 3:29 PM, Blogger DJ John said...

Dude, when we watched Sin City I didn't recognize her until UPSer told me, she's the mom in Spy Kids. Crazy!

At 8/15/2005 4:02 PM, Blogger VirtualErn said...

Heck yeah...she's Karen Sisco and in a bunch of other movies. Freakin' hottie.


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