Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Talk to Me Like the Sea

Man do I need a haircut.
Jeez, how long has it been now? Let's see...the last time was...holy crap, Vancouver! That barber shop down on Davie(?) St -- days of being frustrated with hair that just felt too long, so I just walked a bit around the town and found this place that was closest to where we were staying. Heh. Had a couple of old guys in there. Was worried about them doing something weird, but's only hair.
So I think I'll go this weekend. Or hell...push it into the 3 month barrier! YEAH! heheheh

It was great purging last night -- cleaned out a bunch of clothes from the closet, all bagged up for Goodwill. Interesting...this'll be the first time ever that I've donated anything. Something long overdue with all this accumulation of crap. Next up, computer recycling.

And along with the purging, was going through some old boxes, and happened to stumble upon some stuff from college. Interesting stuff -- a dusty box of old memories, pieces of a past filled with hopes of changing the world (we barely made a dent). Even found some old papers from our first ever High School Conference, and some papers from our first ever PCN script -- ah, to be young, foolish and ambitious.

(Item #5283 on my to do list: when the scanner comes in, scan in all those old slides, photos, negs, papers, pamphlets, flyers)

I think I've abandoned the thought of getting a digital SLR. Hair-brained-idea-of-the-moment is to get myself one of these, along with a tiny P&S digital (an SD400 maybe?). And somewhere down the line, eventually get a digital back for the Mamiya. I just had so much fun shooting with the 6x7 this past weekend. Especially with the rotating back (such a convenience!). But definitely when (if?) I get one of these things, will pick up an AE finder -- it was so frustrating metering with my SLR, especially for night shots. And somehow, somewhere find one of those elusive blue/yellow polarizers.

I guess I'm in one of those moods's 9:46AM, there's a disinteresting conference call rattling away on my speakerphone, my car CD case is filled with old Everything But The Girl albums, I'm dressed and ready for work, and yet...I'm sitting here, at home, pecking away at my web log. Maybe I'm just trying to delay getting back to work after having such a nice extended weekend roaming the backroads of California.

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At 8/10/2005 2:32 PM, Blogger DJ John said...

Oh the trek back to work, it's tough isn't it?

At 8/10/2005 4:43 PM, Blogger laragitara said...

oh it is so tough. "and you ask yourself, how did i get here?" i'd rather be out exploring too.


At 8/10/2005 9:10 PM, Blogger VirtualErn said...

I think it was a lot easier this time. I realized that the weekend served its purpose (although I would've loved to actually make it out to Southeast Utah) so once I got to work I was able to pretty much immerse myself in it. Ah, the anxiety of waiting for 10 rolls of 120 to develop...


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