Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Some people just gotta have their iBook. I don't know if I should laugh (I mean, peeing on yourself?!?) or feel sad at the state of a nation of wretched consumerism where people would forgo life & limb & civilized behavior at the first whiff of a good deal. Sometimes I wonder why I live in such a capitalist society. Actually, nevermind that. :)

I'm in such writer's block. I've been wanting to continue my little story for a month now but can't seem to get the right thoughts down. Maybe I should just call it a loss and write something new. Or maybe I just need to start drinking again. :)

It's so weird how I don't listen to lyrics -- I'm so caught up in the music that I'm not paying attention...so on the way to work I'm listening to Fascination and this time really listening to the words and thinking, wow -- what a great song. I need to do this more often. Just like the first time I listened to the words on The Reason I like totally freaked out. Had no clue what the whole song was about.

So it's been like 4 weeks now since I watched Serendipity and something still sticks out in my head. I know the movie really pisses off a lot of people, but for me, there was a lot of things I liked. One thing that still sticks out is what Jeremy Piven's character said...something to the effect of, when a man dies, they only ask one thing: Did he live with passion? Do I live with passion? Intensity? Meaning? Purpose?

Maybe I should write my eulogy. A bit morbid, but fun...a great exercise for really knowing who you are and what you want out of life. Sheez...I still remember a conversation Shalamar and I had long ago one day on the 805 back in high school. What do you want out of life? What is immortality? Is it money? Fame? Or is it just making a positive impact on those people around you, making the world a better place to live...

Eek, this is getting out of hand. Time to head home; besides, looks like the Brazilian adventurers are back from their trip -- gonna be lots of stories I bet. :)

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