Thursday, February 02, 2006

Blissfully Sweet Trivial Events In One's Life

Reading Lara G's post got me thinking about some of those times in my life where I enjoyed simple moments of temporary bliss...
  • On a long return trip back from Disneyland (and the screaming masses as NKOTB, INXS, Samantha Fox performed during Grad Nite '89)... I found myself -- the solitary soul awake at this time of the morning -- enjoying an incredibly serene busride as the early rays of a beautiful sunrise cascaded through the southern california tired and weary peers fast asleep throughout the chartered bus.
  • An overcast and chilly concerete tarmac in Marina, CA... 56-point-something-something seconds of pure magic as my feet and hands somehow managed to hustle my 3200 lb 4-door to the fastest H-stock time of the day. Without hitting a cone. Time just happened to creep down to a crawl, and I felt like I was going soooo slow. But in complete control... My mind was looking 2 corners ahead of each cone, with nary a speed-scrubbing slide or bad line.
  • Thirteen years ago, in a small park overlooking the bay on Coronado island... A simple outdoor springtime birthday celebration for yours truly with a handful of my closest friends, during which there was a fraction of second that marked the exact moment when I came to the first realization that I was deeply madly and unabashedly in love (or what I thought was love back then) with someone.
  • Sometime past 8PM on a cool summer evening years ago I was pulling out of the used car lot in the pilot's seat of the first (and only) turbo car I've ever driven.... Leaning into the throttle -- hard -- in first gear and I think I yelled something like, "holeeeee shiiiiiiiiiit!" as those 300 progressive horsies pulled like a steam locomotive gone berserk. Knees trembling, I vowed to get myself a turbo car.
  • Deep in the concrete bowels of UCSD's Applied Physics & Mathematics building, the thrumming of heating & cooling units vibrating the walls.... After slaving away for hours on the green and yellow VT220 terminal with soft touch keys, battling cold and haunting statements like "Queued, waiting to run..." and "undefined symbol" and "i: no such variable", it's that moment when you finally see those magical words like a distant message from deep outer space: "Hello World!"
  • Cutting through a perfectly cooked bone in USDA Prime dry-aged ribeye steak -- cool pink in the middle. Even more blissful... that fantastic moment when an incredibly rich bite of foie gras melts in your mouth for the first time ever.
And I imagine it'll only get better with age -- first home, first child, first race victory, maiden solo flight, first million, first nationwide primetime television appearance, first academy award for best cinematography (ok, I'm getting carried away)

What's your bliss?

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At 2/02/2006 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

-my first kiss.
-My last day in Hawaii, my last wave, my last sunset.
-Driving home in Jessica after the papers were signed.
-the show at the Vogue for what I thought was my last Sinkil as Prince.

One day I'll blog about a few of these. Rhoel


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