Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Raul Midón

I wish there was a good way to get musicians out there into their target audience.
Or maybe a way for super-ultra-stupid-lazy people like myself to discover music that I like.

Last night I found myself at the neighborhood Starbucks enjoying my usual soy caramel macchiato when over the speakers I heard this really lovely music. I couldn't find the "Now Playing" display, but luckily my wonderfully delightful beverage-sipping companion quickly pointed out the artist in the CD display case: Raul Midón. It could just have been the high from a great night out, but I really enjoyed the music. And this morning a friend sends me a link to one of his performances. If you're into neo-soul, and you haven't heard of this guy, (or heck, if you like watching good guitar playing) do yourself a favor and watch his video.

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