Monday, January 23, 2006

Little Blue Balls

No, you dirty minded individual... I'm referring to the racquetball kind.

Today kinda sucked. And it all started with me not getting much sleep last night (maybe 2 and a half hours at best?) so I woke up this morning 30 minutes late for my first racquetball game in like 10 years. Not only did I forget some basic things (necessitating 3 trips back to the apartment from the car), but I showed up at work without my wallet. Manageable, right? Only problem is that my gate key is in my wallet. :( Luckily someone was leaving right when I rolled in and was able to open the door for me. It didn't stop there...the racquetball court is sitting in the gym underneath one of our buildings which is accessible by a key. This is the first time I've used the facilities (and I forgot to apply for a gym key) so I had to borrow from one of my employees (who just happened to be running 30 minutes late this morning).

So, finally, we get everything resolved and get to play 3 games of racquetball -- in which my fellow QA manager proceeds to wipe the floor with my sorry ass. I remember this game being a lot easier when I was 23. When I played against a girl (that I happened to like at the time -- but that's another story). Winded, humiliated, and a bleeding cut on my hand, I still had a great time. I'm grateful that my good friend and co-worker (and possible doubles teammate if I can prove my worthiness) was quite the educator, helping me understand the finer points of 4-wall racquetball. By the way, racquetball is NIGHT AND DAY different from tennis. It was quite a humbling experience. And Randy, if you're reading, you're right. Treadmills and PreCors alone ain't gonna build up my wind. (Although I'm sure that the 3 hours of sleep didn't help much either)

Back to work...realized that I was supposed to do a lunch interview. With no wallet. So I proceeded to drive back home and get my wallet. Fine...a short 45 minute detour in the middle of a manic monday. Until I started getting the feedback from my team about this interview candidate -- "B.S. meter is pegged through the roof"; "no technical depth"; "stonewalls". Great. Yet another senior level QA Engineering candidate that we're going to have to reject. And I wasted my time getting my wallet. Grrrr...

And it doesn't end there...there's one more capper to this glorious day.
I arrange to have my TV repairman show up at 5:30 tonight to finally put an end to the T.V. madness. So I postpone my usual Monday night workout.

It's now 10 to 7. And no TV repairman.

Oh well, at least there's one positive thing... Thanks to a wonderful CD from my dear friend Bryan, I've been able to recapture a tiny bit of that amazingly beautiful song that I was privy to experience a while back during a concert in a tiny chapel in a quiet Berkeley neighborhood. It's definitely not as good as sitting there in that cold dark church with the voices soaring all around me, but it's close enough.

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At 1/24/2006 10:56 AM, Blogger laragitara said...

crazy! breathe, breathe. when days like that happen, what else can ya do.

I feel for ya!!


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