Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Courage To Be Great Lies Deep Within Us

...Or so today's fortune cookie leads me to believe.

What is greatness anyways? Is it stunning thirty thousand fans of the opposing team after nailing a 30 foot jumper to win game 7 of the NBA finals? Is it discovering a vaccination that saves millions of lives from horrible pain and suffering? Or is it that exact moment in a young father's life when he lets go of the back seat of his eldest son's Huffy, watching him take off, slightly off balance, on his first two-wheeled bicycle ride?

I think greatness lies in all of us. Regardless of how profound, or how simple. And I know that fear is what is keeping us from realizing it. Yesterday was quite a milestone for me...after years of financial struggle, I have finally freed myself from the unnecessary burden that is unsecured debt. This burden has been a source of fear for a large part of my formidable years, holding me back from realizing some potential...

But that's a lame excuse. There's much more to it than such a cheap cop-out (but that's a million boring words of idiotic overprocessing notions that I'll save for another time). For now, I'll simply bask in the sunlight of a world free from commitments -- however fleeting -- and dream little dreams about all those cool useless materialistic things that I could buy. Hooray for shameless wretched consumerism!!

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At 1/27/2006 8:46 AM, Blogger double R said...

congratulations on being debt free!


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