Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Priorities, Priorities

I know that I mentally told myself I need to cut back on this writing crap given all the other more important things going on in my life, but I just can't seem to resist...I'm on this weird "high" (or it could just be those two cups of coffee I drank) thinking about everything that this coming year has to offer.

But before I go into that, a question: How do you know when oranges go bad? Do they go bad? I've had navel oranges in my refrigerator since before Christmas time and I think they're still good. I just ate one and it's super sweet. Do they change color? Grow hair? Smell like boiled gym socks?

Anyways...Tonight I paid a visit to the Reyes clan. It's always so good to see them, not only because of the good meandering discussions about career dilemmas, girls at night clubs, the hidden nuances of filipino dance troupes, and the merits (and downfalls) of competitive eating circuits...no, it's also those little things... Like having full-blown conversations with my four-and-three-quarter-year-old goddaughter over important things like how I'm bajo because I just came from the gym and if she hugged me she'll get stinky and she just took a bath. And seeing two and a half month old Jalen with those tiny eyes trying desperately to process the freakish image of this strange dark filipino man with the deep voice in the old faded-red Nike sweatshirt that's 2 sizes too big. It's times like these when I wonder how I let the stupid things in life keep me from starting a family of my own. Eh, maybe one day...until then, I'm content watching my friends' amazing little life-units grow into actual-sized people with opinions and voices and attitudes of their own.

I'm really excited for this year...it's gotten off to a great start, with me finally letting go of my anxieties at no longer being a technical engineer and learning to leverage my strengths -- and focus on developing those weaknesses that will make me a better manager. Even better is that on top of that, there's this overall joy now that I have a better understanding of which activities, hobbies, skills really make me happy at this point in my life. More so, the fact that no one can take that away from me.

It's a wonderful feeling.

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At 1/11/2006 7:57 PM, Blogger Randy said...

i think jalen thinks your a migrant worker...hahahaha coz yer dark and you look like one :)

go karting soon?


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