Thursday, January 12, 2006

How To Throw Away a 1.5 Hour Workout

Eat one of these wonderfully greasy bundles of joy:
Maybe it's just me not having had a really bad fast food hamburger in months, but for some reason, this thing was freakin' good! But I ask you...who in their right mind puts ketchup and mustard on a bacon ultimate cheeseburger?!? There's only one thing that belongs on there: mayonnaise!

I had a rather bittersweet time tonight. First, it was hangin' out with OJ & Angelo at the Oakland Coliseum to watch the Warriors not show up to the game tonight, getting their ass handed to them by Shaq and the other senior citizens. I mean, I love Zo and all from those great times with the Hornets, but isn't he like eligible for the discount menu at Applebees? And my God, The Glove is still playing! It's like I never stopped watching basketball! The Warriors should've wiped the floor with these geriatrics. :) The crowd is definitely different from the Sharks game. Much quieter, and more low key. Or maybe we just went on an off night?

I think Angelo's onto something though...I've been to two games with him, and both times the home team has lost. I think we need to watch a Niners/Chargers game and a Giants/Padres game up here. Heheheh. And better yet, a Canucks/Sharks game in Canada. You know, just to put his theory to the test.

After the game, it was a quick ride in da UPSer's green E34 bomber up the Nimitz Freeway to Luka's for Bryan's 25th birthday party (part tres). [Man, if he's 25, I'm dancing 7 gongs.] It was quite a fun time chillin' and groovin' to some decent beats. The gurls left early (it is a school night, after all) while OJ, Kevin, Nini and I hung around a bit to chit chat before parting our separate ways and hopping on the BART toward home.

Pictures here.

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At 1/13/2006 9:41 PM, Blogger Big Sexy said...'s black not green.

At 1/14/2006 1:20 AM, Blogger VirtualErn said...

Are you serious?!? Damn...all this time I thought it was green! Let me know when you're free, I'm gonna show you how to Porter Cable & Zaino your car! You shoulda seen what it did for my brother's faded Sentra.


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