Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Too lazy to write anything indulgent, so miscellaneous crap it is...
  • I really want an E30 now
  • I've been drinking a lot lately. Must be the stress of going back to work. Sake & beer on Sunday, beer on Monday, wine on Tuesday, then plum sake & beer last night.
  • Tiering a switch and hub is a BAD thing to do
  • Gum measuring sucks. 2-3-2...4-3-3... at least I didn't have any cavities
  • I need to start an exercise program.
  • I miss playing softball
  • and basketball
  • and tennis
  • and racquetball
  • I miss playing music with the Rondizzy crew, can't wait 'til Friday
  • My piano playing has deteriorated severely. My fingers are all over the place, no control anymore.
  • That's the last time I skimp on cheap inkjet photo paper
  • Love triangles suck, and emotions are a powerful thing. Can't believe three people died at 415 Grand because of it.
  • This week can't end soon enough; maybe next week will be a better one at work. Maybe I just need to totally refocus on work again, I'm just so freakin' distracted.

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At 6/24/2005 3:35 PM, Blogger Randy said...

go the se-r cup route. you'll save more money and parts for the se-r are cheaper than the e30. once i get the evo ix, i'll track the si so we can compete! honda rules the fwd scene!!! se-r sucks =O


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