Friday, June 17, 2005

What is happiness?

  • Washing off 4 hours worth of grease and radiator fluid from your hands with Fast Orange
  • Sweeping out a garage
  • Not having to worry about deadlines and product schedules and your team's happiness and localization needs and task scheduling and meetings with Intel and griping development managers and reports and Test Design Specifications and Test Plans and Powerpoint presentations and new hire welcome lunches and scheduling interviews and phone screens with lame ass job candidates and virus infections and...
  • Being able to hop on the piano after what seems like years since the last time I played and no one is around to criticize me
  • Dry aged, corn fed USDA Prime grade New York Strip steak cooked to perfection
  • Capturing on film a single fleeting moment in time, never to be recreated, for eterenity.
  • The unholy wail of a Ferrari 550 Maranello race car at full song
  • That moment of sheer terror you feel when you think you've lost your wallet, and your heart races off and your adrenline flows like a mad river gone berzerk, and then you realize it was in your pocket all along
  • Watching someone who is a master at his craft, doing what he does best, and making it look effortless
  • Having all the time in the world to spend on compiling silly lists on some ephemeral nothingness made up of nothing but ones and zeroes to be digested by God knows who; maybe some day to be replayed for your sake, during some ceremony somewhere years from now

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