Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hindi Ko Mg Tulog

It's like 3 in the morning, and I can't sleep. Call it jet lag, or stress over work, or worry knowing that I'm going to have to do this jet lag thing all over again on a trip to China next week. Whatever the case, I can't sleep. So I'll post links to me going snapshot crazy in the Philippines.

I really have to make a conscious decision not to go all buck-wild and shoot "documentary style" on my next trip. Or maybe I should just pick a theme on the trip and stick to it? Or hell, be more freakin' selective in my shots?

Set 1 - The flight there, and the airports... Cathay Pacific is a really nice airline; Ninoy Aquino International Airport is hella ghetto (when will they finally open up the brand spanking new one that's been gathering dust down the street?); in the left of one of the shots, you'll see a big white guy...he cracked me up because he spoke perfect tagalog and was clowning on the immigration line (90 minutes long!!)

Set 2 - First few days in Pila-Pila, including my first heart-wrenching drive down the Pasig River floodway. That sapin-sapin was FREAKIN' GOOD!

Set 3 - Side trip to Tagaytay and Cavite. We stayed at my cousin-in-law's parents' place, and the first night we arrived he promptly proceeded to blow a power line turning on that monster AC unit. Only in the Philippines... at 1 in the morning, the neighborhood electricians stopped by (a pair of pliers hanging off his windbreaker pants, electrical tape rolled up in his beanie) and the neighbors brought out a homemade wooden ladder (rickety and flimsy). These two guys then proceeded to pick up the live power line off the ground (I was only able to grab a somewhat blurry snapshot of them), carry it up the ladder, and reattach it to the house. Sparks flyin' everywhere. In the rain. With lightning just a few kilometers away. Gotta love it.

Set 4 - Just more photos of the parents' house. Oh, and Pampanga's best tocino.

Set 5 - Cousin Leah's wedding to Dennis. The church was quite amazing, and the light on that entrance was just perfect...I wish I had brought my SLR. The sweet and sour fish at the reception kicked ass.

Set 6 - More family over at the parents' house. What's great about vacation is that you can go 2+ days without a shower and no one will care... Until they see the bottom of your feet.

Set 7 - Trip to Megamall. Megamall definitely feels bigger than Mall of Asia (if not, it definitely has more stores). Beard Papa cream puffs are hella good. And Waffle Time waffles. And chicken skin chicaron. There is just soooo much food to eat there. And you should see the video of the group playing music at Dad's buffet. Great fun for all.

Set 8 - Trip to Laguna. We didn't get to go as far as we would have liked because it was raining and getting dark, but food at Exotica kicked serious ass. Their fruit drinks were unbelievable! But definitely bring your DEET, cuz we all got eaten alive by spider bites there.

Set 9 - House blessing/barrio fiesta. Lots of banners hung all over town (forgot what they're called?) and lots of folks selling toys and stuff. At church, standing six feet tall you feel really awkward, like a sore thumb with a thousand eyes staring at you. The food at our house blessing was just so-so, but that freshly made puto bong bong(?) was freakin' good.

Set 10 - Trip to Janosa on Talim Island. They had a pretty neat fiesta/pagoda there; it was quite an amazing thing to witness...hundreds of people dancing, singing, getting soaked, happy. I went photo-crazy here.

Set 11 - My last day was the most ambitious one of the trip... Stop at the Duavit compound for a tour of one amazing vacation home, then a rush to Antipolo to pray for a safe journey, then a mad scramble to Mall of Asia before sunset. The crazy thing about Mall of Asia is that every Friday and Saturday night at 7 they have a fireworks show. But the fireworks are launched from the beach sidewalk, right in front of the mall! So the incindiaries are like right there, shooting powder in your face, embers landing on gotta love it. And Hypermarket is one freakin' big ass store!!

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At 8/10/2006 11:46 AM, Blogger laragitara said...

welcome back! looks like you had a great time! did you get a chance to check out the restaurant and music and art scene in Malate?

At 8/10/2006 12:22 PM, Blogger bev said...

i think the theme to your trip was definitely 'FOOD' :)

At 8/10/2006 7:10 PM, Blogger Big Sexy said...

I feel ya dood, it took me a week to get back to my normal sleeping habit. I still find myself staying up late on some nights, but especially on friday and saurday nights, oh wait that's normal, never mind.

At 8/11/2006 2:32 PM, Blogger oj_rokk said...

nice pics! looks like you had a great experience out there.


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