Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mental Note To Self... more coffee after 9PM!
It's freakin' after midnight and I'm tossing and turning and can't seem to sleep. Early this evening, staring into that styrofoam cup filled with coffee (Tim Horton's!), I told myself...this is a lot to be drinking this late at night. But did I listen? Of course not! Maybe I should have taken up Tina and Ed's offer to drink more sangria. It was quite tasty, but I'm not a sangria man. And besides, I kinda felt like driving home tonight...even if Herna didn't feel like a saunter from Freakmont to South City with the top down.

And so here I am, dumping more stream-of-conscious nothingness into a freakin' blog. And there's like 4 unfinished books strewn about the floor of my bedroom (just picked up Tao Of Pooh the other day -- looks like an easy read compared with that incredibly heavyweight Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance). And I got a crapload of work due tomorrow, and meetings scheduled up the yin-yang.

Maybe I should crack open the bottle of coconut rum in the kitchen, maybe not. :)

Heh, I remember one of my co-workers at my first job telling me that if you have problems sleeping, take a swig of Southern Comfort. I know that recently I've been drinking more frequently than normal, but having a drink by myself before going to bed is a precedent I don't feel like setting tonight. Oh, I know...I'll get those recordings of Jota PK uploaded to the server -- heck, I told Bryan I'd finish 'em tonight -- and I'm a man of my word, right?

You know, I still haven't figured out what the heck to do with this tiny little outpost on the world wide web. It started out as just some way for me to jot down my thoughts for posterity (if these servers last any length of time) and practice my writing.

[aw great, I just dropped my iRiver on the freakin' floor...I know it's been over a year now since I've had 'em, but van damn I can't get over how good these mics are! Can't wait to test 'em out at MotoGP in 2 weeks!!! bwahahahah - I got a great quote from Professor Ed: "feel like I'm poking at the wrong hole"]

But somehow, word got out that I was blogging and wouldn't you know it, feedback started to trickle in on these little pieces of mindless banter that I threw out there. Then the funny thing started to happen...this little venture started to turn into a self-indulgent plea for attention. "What can I write about next?" started to run through my mind. Hell, I was on vacation, didn't want to think about work at all, and this seemed quite exciting. I had originally intended this to be simply a pulpit from which I could broadcast thoughts about things in life, somehow showcase my own little view of the world around me. And then it was back to the reality that is work, and it's been pretty difficult to get back into the swing of things. I honestly think I should have taken more time off, because it's been over a week back and I'm still struggling to "get that feeling again". I just don't have that drive & desire yet. Hopefully it comes back soon, because it's been a struggle to just drag myself into the office.

So what else is there to talk about? I mean, this could turn into some bare-all expose about yours truly, but alas...that's what journals are for.

I could talk about cars...I could go on and on...but I'm not quite in the mood for that.

[man, this D-Styles vs DJ Q-Bert "Underarms" is a great track. nifty scratching backed by a solid beat]

That reminds me...I gotta pull out some of my old CDs that I haven't listened to in ages. With all those damned mp3s, I've neglected those several hundred pieces of aluminum sitting in my cases. OJ playing Coldplay tonight reminded me for some reason that I miss listening to Radiohead's OK Computer. The bright clear sunshine days definitely don't call for this album, but I'm itching to hear it again. And maybe along the way I'll find something else that I miss listening to, like some Janet Jackson tracks -- hehehhehe Pernasty -- or maybe some old Lisa Loeb and Jewel and hell...maybe even some country cross-over shit! hahahhaha...I really should think about selling all my CDs.

Hell, I really need to sell a lot of my crap...there's just so much useless junk sitting here from projects that have gone uncompleted. Like that separates audio system that I've wanted to build. It's so wonderful to audition a great audio system. It's only happened to me on a couple of occassions, and they weren't even top notch Mark Levinson level stuff. But they blew me away. It makes you want to re-listen to every single one of your CDs. Most recently, it was my co-worker who took me on an adventure with his Rotel-backed B&W Nautilus system. He nailed the setup, and it was a sound that I can't describe. I close your eyes, and Ray Charles is sitting there, 8 and a half feet in front of you, slightly to the left, jamming on his piano and belching out some beautiful tunes. And then he played 2 CDs from U2. From 2 totally different time periods and producers. Joshua Tree sounded like absolute crap. And their latest album was just simply breathtaking. Pretty trippy how a good audio system can totally expose poorly engineered recordings.

So then the question I kept asking myself was, what is it worth to me? Sure, the listening experience was unbelievable. But I'm rarely ever home to play GT4, let alone enjoy a nice evening alone listening to music with a book in one hand & a cognac in the other. And when you do get the equipment, how long before you desire something better, something more? I still remember how amazed I was the first time I heard Basia's Sweetest Illusion through my amateur level NAD receiver and Paradigm Titans...listening to them now, I'm only slightly impressed. Maybe someday, when priorities change and my desire to go wheel to wheel racing weans (yeah right), or if VMware hits $200 a share (yeah right). But until then, I'm content with my lowly iRiver cranking through low-fi 128kbps mp3s and seven year old thirty dollar Denon headphones. Hey, that reminds me! I bought these headphones back in 1998 when I visited San Francisco for one of the first times. At the Good Guys on Van Ness no less. Wow...totally forgot about that. Heh, and I remember having lunch with Bryan that day too, walking through the TL in my suit. Little did I know the city back then.

Heh. I guess it's really easy to get carried away rambling about (essentially) nothing in these web log thingies. The sad thing is, it's 2AM and I'm still wide awake. Maybe a round of GT4 is in order.

Or maybe I should go and waste some natural resources in a nice drive.

Maybe not.

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At 6/29/2005 11:33 AM, Blogger mrs cruz said...

Just a note: The coffee I made last night was decaf from Tim Horton's. Hmmm.. what else was keeping you up late?

At 6/29/2005 12:24 PM, Blogger bev said...

hahaha...perhaps the caffeine was all in your mind :)

At 6/29/2005 1:37 PM, Blogger VirtualErn said...

No way! It was not decaf! Can't be! I seriously couldn't sleep. hahahahha, man that's pathetic.

At 6/29/2005 4:12 PM, Blogger laragitara said...

genius usually strikes past midnight, or so they say...



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