Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Eating My Cake...

I thought you could have it all.

But for the past few months I've slowly come to grips with the reality that the path to home ownership is paved with the gold bricks of hundreds of materialistic sacrifices. Things that I just need to learn how to live without.

I don't know what happened along the way that threw my economies of scale so far out of whack from the $7/week allowance of 20 years ago. I guess I just got suckered into it all. Years of continual:

I want.

...I need.

Like the 17 years of aged and cracked registration stickers piled on top of my license plate, it's time for renewal. Feel the blood ooze from under my fingernails as I chip away at each hardened metallic decal...given enough time, I'll eventually strip away the rotting epidermic excess down to the bare metal and start anew.

and finally realize the dream

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