Thursday, January 04, 2007

Post # Three Hundred

Hm... A new year.

Seeing as how my year isn't coming for another six weeks or so (Year of The Boar, woo hoo!!), I thought I'd mark blogger post #300 with a commemorative list for 2007.

List Of "Top Twenty Or So Things That I Really Should Do About Myself In 2007 Because Heck, It's 2007 And One Can Never Have Enough Lists Of Things To Do" List
  1. Stop writing so many lists
  2. Eat more sugar (because sugar is good, and you can never get enough!)
  3. Drink more Scotch (because Scotch is good, and you can never get enough!)
  4. Say "I am a size 32 waist" without actually lying through my fat teeth
  5. Take less pictures - I have now hit 7,237 photos. SEVEN THOUSAND PHOTOS. I ask the @#$(*! am I going to find enough time to see 100 pictures, let alone sevnen thousand?
  6. Drive 150mph. Not sure if there's a track where I can do this, but the thought of it gives me the willie nillies. That's over twice the speed limit on the 5.
  7. Ride a bike.
  8. Ride a snowboard.
  9. Ride a .... oh wait, I already did that.
  10. Order a Five by Five at In-N-Out. Because you can.
  11. Be nicer to nice people
  12. Be meaner to mean people
  13. Use the bathroom in at least 5 continents. I'm almost there
  14. Listen to an F1 race for 20 seconds with no hearing protection
  15. Go to the park and learn how to properly throw a 10 yard fade route on a three step drop. I tell ya...One day this will come in handy, and you'll kick yourself for not knowing how.
  16. Do a big fat smoking burnout. ...Cuz burnouts are hella cool.
  17. Learn CPR
  18. Spend more - oops I mean "less"... LESS!
  19. Work less
  20. Love [food/chocolate/people/life/cars/music] more
  21. Live life to its fullest. Because stupid is forever but forever can stop at any time (saw this in an e-mail the other day)

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At 1/09/2007 5:36 PM, Blogger oj_rokk said...

What I always wondered about a fade route: how do you get the nose of the ball to point towards the ground after it peaks? I never could do that, except with a Nerf Turbo.

At 1/09/2007 6:11 PM, Blogger VirtualErn said...

The secret: a good tight fast spiral. The spinning action will pull it into a trajectory.


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