Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You'll Put Yer Eye Out!

Call me slightly insane, but there's one peculiar thing that I love about the mall... I love that roar that comes from an open area tiled by marbled checkerboard flooring amplifying the thousands of footsteps and hundreds of conversations whispered between shoppers. Whenever you step into one of the little stores, it's like a sanctitude, a den of iniquity, where you can concentrate on getting your "shop on". The sound of the crowd changes into a quiet hum...there's only a handful of people in the store. So you slow down and search anxiously and diligently for the target prize. And upon approaching the exit of each little cave -- victorious -- your fabled treasure in hand, you step out back into the din of a relaxed (and slightly hurried) crowd of holiday shoppers... You soak in the wonderful cacophony of a five year old screaming for his little toy pop gun and the teenage kids arguing over the video game to get this year and the young couple gently walking through this year's Christmas lists...

It is now less than four shopping days until Christmas, and I'm still not finished. I thought that I would do it all online this year, but where's the joy in that? There's something to be said about taking a short "time out" from our daily lives to walk around the neighborhood mall, and spend a little time thinking of goodies to give to those near and dear to your heart. One thing that does happen every year around this time though, is I think about all those people that have been a part of my life at one time or another, remembered or that punk ass 9 year old kid that pissed me off in the third grade playground and got me in trouble in the principals office; or all my old coworkers from eons ago that I've lost touch with; or my old compatriots from the Filipino social club in college... just so many wonderful people that have contributed to making me who I am.

To all of you, wherever you are... Happy Holidays

(Thanks for the picture, Gary)

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