Monday, July 02, 2007

First In Line

I know I told myself no more lists this year, but I couldn't help it. Here is my list of small $600 electronic devices that I would wait 5 days in July heat for:
  1. A Canon SD400 with full, intuitive and simple flickr support. It will have GPS (so photos can be geotagged), EDGE, UMTS (both 2100 & 1900 bands!), HSDPA, wCDMA and seamless WiFi support. And of course, quad band support. It will have a no-brainer interface that will allow me to tag photos and upload to sets. Uploads of each 10MP photo will take no more than 45 seconds, and it will gracefully recover from failed uploads. It will make and receive phone calls. And it will have a Z3 form factor (big and chunky) for that nice solid feel. And it will be available in gunmetal. This is just the ticket to nurture my addiction to flooding my flickr account with snapshots. (Less photos, I said? Bah! I'll hit 20K photos in no time soon with this puppy!!)
  2. A little tiny device for the car that can tell me when traffic incidents occur *the moment* someone reports it into 911. This device has to be conscious of all incidents within a 100 mile radius of my present location, and must also give me an instant overhead view of the incident. [Oh wait...I should utilize the techniques I learned from my requirements management class...] This device shall present no more than five alternate routes around the highlighted traffic incident. A destination ETA shall be recalculated and displayed on all routes to the user in no more than 60 seconds... It took Shirley and I EIGHT HOURS to get back from L.A. yesterday. Being stuck in a car in 95 degree heat for an hour really blows. And this happened twice in one day.
  3. An mp3 player that can play any song I ask for within 5 seconds. And I mean ANY song. This device will respond politely to my voice using any one of 30 pre-selected voices from real-life actresses. The sound quality of the mp3 player will exceed that of any CD player (and blow away that pitiful excuse of an audio section found in the iPod). This mp3 player will be small and flat enough to carry in my front pocket and will have tactile buttons. The battery life on this device will be 48 hours of listening time, and it will support bluetooth headphones.
  4. A real-time language translator. This device will be worn around my neck, and will instantly capture everything I say and broadcast in the language that is currently being spoken. It will support every language known to man. It will also support Binar, Romulan and Klingon at no additional charge. It will also scan and translate written material without any errors.
  5. A device that does all of the above in one compact and attractive unit.

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At 7/03/2007 8:21 AM, Blogger Gary said...

You live in the fantasy world of Star Trek. :-)
1. Might as well add holographic technology while you are at it
2. In the future, it should be like Minority Report
3. I'd line up for that
4. Universal Translator using the communicator
5. Beam me up Scotty!

At 7/03/2007 8:47 AM, Blogger VirtualErn said...

Fantasy? I think not. Almost all the devices (except maybe 4 & 5) can be done in less than 5's just that no one wants to invest the $$$ in building them. And heck, throw $10B into a project and I guarantee that #4 & #5 will be done. (How much have we spent on the war in Iraq?)


At 7/04/2007 10:51 PM, Blogger Big Sexy said...

all I can say is that those two guys are losers.


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